Stage One

While your business may be functional, it’s likely there are better ways to do things that result in higher productivity and ROI. The first stage involves auditing your existing assets, including marketing data and software services to identify areas to optimise.

Depending on the complexity of your current setup, stage one can range from 1-2 weeks and includes auditing these crucial areas:

  • Sales Funnel Audit

    If you’re already doing business you’re in the unique position to know what makes your customers tick and why they choose (or don’t choose) you. However, most businesses have holes in their marketing funnel that they’re not aware of. Or worse, they’re not tracking the customer journey and are missing key insights that could be leveraged. I go through your sales funnel with an analytical eye from ad setup, tracking through to website performance and create a clear roadmap.

  • Website & SAAS Resources

    Adopting the correct technology and understanding its full capabilities enables enterprises to do better business. I’m at the forefront of understanding web development, SAAS resources, and how to match them to business applications. I’ve assisted both new and established teams in streamlining their technology assets for better task management, optimised sales funnels, and improved ROI.

By auditing your software and data assets, we can build scalable system (stage 2).